Outdoor Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control Services
for Brownwood & Glen Rose, TX

Pests can take over your outdoor space too. From destroying your lawn and landscaping to putting your family’s health at risk, outdoor pests can be a nuisance. Plus, they may try to sneak inside your home. 

Pest Hunters Pest Control Services can safely handle your outdoor pest problems. Our expertise includes bat and bird relocation, lawn control, weed control, mosquito control, fire ant control, spider web removal, wasp nest removal, and wild animal control. 
Outdoor Pest Control Brownwood, TX

All Types of Pest Solutions 

Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons—we’ve seen them all, and we can safely get them away and keep them away by using our wildlife control expertise. From taming weeds that have taken over your lawn, driveway, or patio to handling lawn pests and pests in your ornamental plants, we can provide an effective solution. 

Perimeter pest control is especially important because it’s one way to eliminate pests before they can enter your home. This means stopping creepy crawlers from coming inside to begin with. Our mosquito treatments last up to 4 weeks, and we offer a one-year warranty on our fire ant treatment.

Start enjoying your outdoor space pest-free. Contact us to see how we can get outdoor pests away from your Brownwood, TX or Glen Rose, TX property.
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